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From the President/CEO:

Several years ago, I started supporting an associate who was in the carpet cleaning business. My friend commented on how many people I knew and the number of customers I had referred to him. He then asked if I had ever given thought to starting my own carpet cleaning business. I didnt think it would work at the time, because of my job with a Fortune 500 company.
Mr. Glenn Hill, Sr. - president of MSACC


Surely, I wouldn't have time for both. After careful consideration, consultation with a minister, and a talk with the Almighty, I decided to pursue opening my own business.

Since that time, MSACC (Mid-South Area Carpet Care) has built a great reputation for providing quality services. While residential cleaning and upholstery are the foundation of this company, we also specialize in corporate carpet cleaning.

In such a short span of time, MSACC has gained a wonderful reputation. We stand behind our quality and service assurance. MSACC welcomes your questions - feel free to contact us at any time.

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